Importance of trade with the EU for UK industries


Published 01/08/2017

This briefing paper looks at the importance of trade with the EU for the sectors and industries of the UK economy. Industries that are highly integrated into the European Single Market face higher risks from Brexit, if Brexit makes trade with the EU more difficult.

Deportation of foreign national offenders


Published 01/08/2017

This Commons Library briefing paper provides an overview of the Home Secretary's powers to deport foreign criminals from the UK, related Government policy and Parliamentary and external scrutiny of the efficiency of current procedures.

Grenfell Tower fire: Response and tackling fire risk in high rise blocks


Published 01/08/2017

Following the fire at Grenfell Tower, this paper sets out the events and commentary around the fire, the relevant building regulations, fire safety laws and housing standards, the Government response to the fire, the responsibilities around re-housing, and previous concerns raised with fire regulations.

Key issues in fostering: capacity, working conditions, and fostering agencies


Published 31/07/2017

This House of Commons Library briefing paper looks at key issues in fostering, including general statistical information, the capacity of the foster care system, working conditions for foster carers and the relationships between fostering providers. In particular, it draws upon evidence taken by the Education Select Committee’s 2016-17 inquiry into fostering.

High cost consumer credit: the new regulatory regime


Published 31/07/2017

High cost consumer credit in the UK. How has the industry changed following the 2015 regulatory regime change?

Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing Bill


Published 31/07/2017

This Commons briefing Paper provides information on the background to, and the main provisions of, the Air Travel Organisers' Licensing Bill.

UK cases at the European Court of Human Rights since 1975


Published 31/07/2017

This note lists brief details of cases against the UK at the European Court of Human Rights since 1975.

Brexit: the exit bill


Published 31/07/2017

When the UK leaves the EU it is expected to make a contribution towards the EU’s outstanding financial commitments. The media have labelled this as an ‘exit bill’ or ‘divorce bill’, the EU see it as a matter of ‘settling the accounts’. The issue will be discussed in the first phase of Brexit negotiations, under the title of the ‘single financial settlement’ (the settlement).

UK General Election results: Social Indicators page


Published 31/07/2017

General Election results: headline data and trends.

Local, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and European Parliament elections: Social Indicators page


Published 31/07/2017

Local, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and European Parliament elections: Social Indicators page. A summary of recent election results.