Supporting and safeguarding adults with learning disabilities


Published 16/10/2017

A Westminster Hall debate on the supporting and safeguarding adults with learning disabilities is scheduled for Tuesday 17 October at 2:30pm. The Member leading the debate is Catherine McKinnell MP.

Future of healthcare in Oxfordshire


Published 16/10/2017

A Westminster Hall debate on the future of healthcare in Oxfordshire is scheduled for Tuesday 17 October at 9:30am. The Member leading the debate is Robert Courts MP.

Surgical mesh implants


Published 16/10/2017

Mesh implants may be used in a number of surgical procedures to provide additional support when repairing weakened or damaged tissue. Over recent years attention has increased on what are thought to be infrequent but sometimes serious complications that may be associated with the use of this mesh in uro-gynaecological procedures to treat pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence.

Risks of surgical mesh implants


Published 16/10/2017

This pack has been prepared ahead of the debate to be held in Westminster Hall on 18 October 2017 at 9.30am on the risks of surgical mesh implants. The debate will be opened by Emma Hardy MP.

Brexit: the exit bill


Published 16/10/2017

When the UK leaves the EU it is expected to make a contribution towards the EU’s outstanding financial commitments – spending that was agreed while the UK was a member. The media have labelled this as an ‘exit bill’ or ‘divorce bill’, the EU see it as a matter of ‘settling the accounts’. The issue is being discussed in the first phase of Brexit negotiations under the title of the ‘single financial settlement’ (the settlement).

President Trump: the Nuclear Question


Published 16/10/2017

In January 2017 newly inaugurated US President, Donald Trump, signed an Executive Order which, among other things, called for a review of US nuclear policy, strategy, capabilities and force posture. That Nuclear Posture Review is due to conclude by the end of 2017. As with many of President Trump's foreign policies, nothing about the outcome is certain.

Nuclear Safeguards Bill 2017-19


Published 13/10/2017

The Nuclear Safeguards Bill 2017-19 was presented to Parliament on 11 October 2017 and makes provision for nuclear safeguards after the UK leaves Euratom. This Briefing Paper discusses the background to and content of the Bill.

Unpaid Work Experience (Prohibition) Bill [HL]: Briefing for Lords Stages


Published 13/10/2017

This House of Lords Library briefing has been prepared in advance of the second reading in the House of Lords of the Unpaid Work Experience (Prohibition) Bill [HL] on 27 October 2017

Effect of taxes on small businesses


Published 13/10/2017

A Westminster Hall debate on the "Effect of taxes on small businesses" is scheduled for Wednesday 18 October 2017 at 2.30pm. The Member leading the debate is Derek Thomas MP.

VAT Registration


Published 13/10/2017

All businesses must register for VAT if their turnover of taxable goods and/or services is above a given threshold. This note discusses how the registration threshold has been set in recent years and the debate there has been about whether the threshold is too high or too low.