Saudi purge


Published 11/12/2017

A massive purge of the Saudi elite raises the question of what comes next in Saudi Arabia

Leasehold and commonhold reform


Published 11/12/2017

This Commons Library briefing paper considers recent trends in leasehold ownership and on-going problems associated with the sector. Areas identified for possible reform are summarised, including Government proposals which were subject to consultation up to 19 September 2017.

Brexit and state pensions


Published 11/12/2017

This Commons Library briefing looks at EU law providing for the co-ordination of State Pension entitlement and the possible impact of Brexit

Brexit: devolved legislature business


Published 11/12/2017

This paper is a record of Brexit-related business in the devolved legislatures. It is updated every Monday.

New-build housing: construction defects - issues and solutions (England)


Published 08/12/2017

This House of Commons Library briefing paper considers the existing building control regime and customers’ means of redress when faced with defects in newly built housing. It summarises the findings of the All-Party Parliamentary Group's 2016 inquiry and recommended actions and explains the Government and industry response.

Parental rights of prisoners


Published 08/12/2017

A Westminster Hall debate on Parental rights of prisoners is scheduled for Wednesday 13 December 2017 at 9.30am. The Member leading the debate is Carolyn Harris MP.

Vulnerable Children: Work of the Children’s Commissioner


Published 08/12/2017

This House of Lords Library Briefing has been prepared in advance of the debate on 14 December 2017 on the following motion tabled by Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde (Labour): “to move that this House takes note of the report by the Children’s Commissioner for England, On Measuring the Number of Vulnerable Children in England, published in July”.

UK trade with Ireland


Published 08/12/2017

Ireland is one of the UK's largest trading partners. This note gives some key statistics on UK-Ireland trade.

Funding for domestic violence refuges


Published 08/12/2017

On 12 December 2017, there will be a general debate on Funding for domestic violence refuges. Selected by the Backbench Business Committee, this debate is sponsored by Jess Phillips MP and will take place in Westminster Hall.

The cost of the UK's strategic nuclear deterrent


Published 08/12/2017

Since the acquisition of the UK's first strategic nuclear deterrent in the 1950s, the cost of procuring and maintaining it, and which Government department should finance it, has always been a matter of much debate.