Marginal seats


Published 10/08/2017

This note lists UK Parliamentary seats by marginality using the results from the 2017 General Election.

Safety in prisons in England and Wales


Published 10/08/2017

From 2012 there has been a decline in prison safety. The Justice Committee has described a rapid and ongoing deterioration. Chief Inspectors of Prisons, the Prison and Probation Ombudsman and interested organisations have expressed concern. The Government has acknowledged the decline and committed to additional funding to recruit more staff. A white paper, Prison Safety and Reform, was published in November 2016 and included measures to address the use of new psychoactive substances, mobile phones and drones.

Children: parental responsibility - what is it and how is it gained and lost (England and Wales)


Published 09/08/2017

This House of Commons Library briefing note concerns ‚Äúparental responsibility‚ÄĚ as a legal concept as set out in the Children Act 1989 as amended.

Unemployment - International Comparisons: Key Economic Indicators


Published 09/08/2017

Unemployment: International Comparisons: Data on harmonised unemployment rates for major international economies.

House prices (UK): Social Indicators page


Published 08/08/2017

Trends in house prices and affordability in the UK.

The UK's contribution to the EU budget


Published 08/08/2017

This note considers how much the UK contributes to the EU budget and how much it receives back. Potential payments to the EU on or after Brexit - such as the exit bill - are also discussed.

Customs and Traditions of the House of Lords


Published 07/08/2017

This Lords Library briefing describes the customs, traditions, rules of behaviour and courtesies for both Members of the House and the Chamber, their historical origins and development, and their continuing importance to the manner in which the House conducts its business.

School Governance


Published 04/08/2017

This briefing provides information on school governance structures in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and looks at the main responsibilities of school governors in England.

Migrants and Housing


Published 04/08/2017

Migration is often cited in public debate as a significant factor in the demand for UK housing. This POSTnote provides an overview of available research on migrants and housing. It examines definitions and data sources on migration and its implications. It also outlines the possible impact of migrants on housing, including variation by tenure type, migrant characteristics and region. Finally, it considers the impact of housing on migrants and local communities.

Knives and offensive weapons


Published 04/08/2017

This briefing provides information on the two main categories of offence relating to knives and offensive weapons in England and Wales: offences relating to possession and offences relating to sale and supply. It also describes police guidance on cautioning and charging and government policy on knife crime.