Tax Relief for Childcare


Published 14/03/2018

This note discusses the current, limited, tax relief given for employer-supported childcare, and the case that has been made for wider relief on these costs.

Local road charges


Published 14/03/2018

This short paper explains what local road charging schemes are, how they can be implanted and what the attitudes of successive governments have been to their introduction.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Key Economic Indicators


Published 14/03/2018

UK Gross Domestic Product: Regularly updated data on growth and forecasts.

GDP - International Comparisons: Key Economic Indicators


Published 13/03/2018

GDP International Comparisons: data and forecasts for the UK and the world's largest economies.

Maiden Speeches in the House of Commons since 1918


Published 13/03/2018

Maiden speeches by newly elected MPs in the 2015 and 2017 Parliaments.

Frozen Overseas Pensions


Published 13/03/2018

Looks at why the UK state pension is not uprated in some overseas countries, the debates on this policy and the recent legal challenge.

Spring Statement 2018: A summary


Published 13/03/2018

A summary of Spring Statement 2018 and the Office for Budget Responsibility's forecasts for the economy and public finances.

Members of the House of Commons since 1979


Published 13/03/2018

Since the 1979 General Election, there have been 2,128 people elected to the House of Commons. Of these, 403 have been women and 1,725 have been men. This publication lists all Members of the House of Commons starting from the 1979 General Election which took place on the 3 May. It is a new edition of our 2010 publication.

Labour reforms in Qatar


Published 13/03/2018

A Westminster Hall debate on 'Labour reforms in Qatar' is scheduled for Wednesday 14 March 2018 from 4.30-5.30pm. The Member initiating the debate is Alex Norris MP.

Foster care


Published 13/03/2018

On 14 March 2018 at 9:30am, there will be a Westminster Hall debate on Foster Care. The Member sponsoring the debate is Bill Esterson MP.