Unemployment - National: Key Economic Indicators


Published 16/08/2017

Unemployment - national: data on International Labour Organisation unemployment, the headline measure of unemployment in the UK.

State Pension age review


Published 16/08/2017

Looks at the timetable for increasing the State Pension age and the review set up to look at how it should increase in the longer term

Unemployment by ethnic background


Published 16/08/2017

The unemployment rate varies considerably among different ethnicities. This note looks at unemployment by ethnic background, including analysis by age group and gender.

People claiming unemployment benefits by constituency, July 2017


Published 16/08/2017

This paper contains claimant count figures for parliamentary constituencies, as well as a summary of the latest labour market statistics for the UK as a whole.

House of Lords (Hereditary Peers) (Abolition of By-Elections) Bill [HL]: Briefing for Lords Stages


Published 16/08/2017

This House of Lords Library briefing provides briefing material on the House of Lords (Hereditary Peers) (Abolition of By-Elections) Bill ahead of its second reading in the House of Lords.

Brexit: a reading list of post-EU Referendum publications by Parliament and the Devolved Assemblies


Published 16/08/2017

This reading list brings together briefings on Brexit by the Parliamentary libraries and the Devolved Assembly research services with reports by Parliamentary and Devolved Assembly committees following the result of the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016.

Housing Market: Key Economic Indicators


Published 15/08/2017

Housing market: Data on house prices, mortgage approvals and house-building.

Inflation: Key Economic Indicators


Published 15/08/2017

Inflation: Data on both the CPI and RPI inflation indices.

Emergency debates in the House of Commons since 1979


Published 14/08/2017

A list of emergency debates held in the House of Commons since 1979.

House of Commons ballot bills since 1997


Published 14/08/2017

Ballot bills introduced in the House of Commons since 1997