A guide to the EU budget


Published 04/01/2018

This note considers the EU's spending and how it is financed.

Exchange rates: Key Economic Indicators


Published 04/01/2018

Exchange rates: Data on the value of the pound relative to other major international currencies.

The UK's contribution to the EU budget


Published 04/01/2018

This note considers how much the UK contributes to the EU budget and how much it receives back. Potential payments to the EU on or after Brexit - such as the exit bill - are also discussed.

The Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill


Published 04/01/2018

This briefing paper has been prepared for the second reading debate in the House of Commons on the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill - sometimes referred to as the Customs Bill.

Changes to the Independent Living Fund


Published 04/01/2018

On 9 January 2018, there will be a Westminster Hall debate on Changes to the Independent Living Fund, sponsored by Ian C. Lucas MP. The debate will start at 2:30pm and is expected to last 90 minutes.

Balochistan: Pakistan's forgotten conflict


Published 02/01/2018

This note provides a brief background to the protracted, but all but forgotten conflict in Balochistan, a marginalised but resource-rich and strategically important province of Pakistan.

Manufacturing: statistics and policy


Published 02/01/2018

Data on the manufacturing sector, analysis of recent trends and pressures facing the sector, a summary of government policy and a discussion of the potential impact of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

UK steel industry: statistics and policy


Published 02/01/2018

The steel industry: a statistical summary of the UK and international industry; analysis of current prospects; summary of Government policy; timeline of events.

Housing costs in Universal Credit


Published 01/01/2018

This Commons Library briefing paper explains the key differences between assistance with housing costs under the Housing Benefit regime and under Universal Credit. The paper considers evidence of the impact of claiming housing costs under UC to date and the Government response.

The effect of Universal Credit on the private rented sector


Published 01/01/2018

There will be a debate, entitled "The effect of Universal Credit on the private rented sector". This will be led by Stephen Lloyd MP and will take place in Westminster Hall at 9.30am on Tuesday 9th January 2018. This landing page brings together relevant material to inform the debate.