Secure Tenancies (Victims of Domestic Abuse) Bill [HL]: Briefing for Lords Stages


Published 05/01/2018

This House of Lords Library Briefing has been prepared in advance of the second reading of the Secure Tenancies (Victims of Domestic Abuse) Bill [HL] in the House of Lords on 9 January 2018.

Household incomes by region


Published 05/01/2018

This short briefing paper provides statistics on average household income by country and region of the UK.

Housebuilding in the UK


Published 05/01/2018

This House of Lords Library Briefing has been prepared in advance of the debate on 11 January 2018 on the following motion moved by Lord Best (Crossbench) “that this House takes note of the performance of the United Kingdom’s major housebuilders”.

SATs and primary assessment in England


Published 05/01/2018

This briefing paper provides information on SATs - or national curriculum assessments - in England. It looks at what is tested, when, how the results are used. It also looks at changes to primary assessment since 2015.

Taxation of banking


Published 05/01/2018

This note looks at the public debate over the tax treatment of the banking sector in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, before discussing the different approaches taken in successive years by Labour, Coalition and Conservative Governments

Household Debt: Key Economic Indicators


Published 05/01/2018

Household debt: Data on the latest household debt statistics, including net lending, mortgage interest rates and insolvencies.

International comparisons of manufacturing


Published 05/01/2018

Manufacturing: comparisons of manufacturing in the UK and other major economies since 1970 using UN data.

Productivity: Key Economic Indicators


Published 05/01/2018

Latest statistics showing changes in UK productivity and comparisons of UK productivity with other G7 countries.

Stamp duty land tax on residential property


Published 05/01/2018

This Commons Library paper discusses the reforms to taxation of sales of residential property that have been made in recent years, before looking at earlier debates about the way house sales have been taxed.

Service industries: Key Economic Indicators


Published 04/01/2018

Service industries: Data for the sector that incorporates the retail sector, the financial sector, the public sector, business administration and cultural activities.