Bereavement Support Payment


Published 19/06/2017

This Commons Library briefing looks at the Bereavement Support Payment, which replaced bereavement benefits (the Bereavement Payment, Bereavement Allowance, and Widowed Parent's Allowance) for surviving spouses and civil partners widowed on or after 6 April 2017.

Higher education student numbers


Published 19/06/2017

Headline student numbers have increased to new records following a short dip after to the 2012 reforms. There are however ongoing concerns about numbers outside this group where trends have not been so positive, including part-time undergraduates, some postgraduates students, overseas students from some countries, especially India, mature students and some disadvantaged groups. There is also uncertainty about the impact of Brexit on EU student numbers.

Pension Schemes Bill 2016-17


Published 19/06/2017

Briefing on the debates on the Pension Schemes Bill 2016-17, the main purpose of which is to improve regulation of Master Trusts - a type of occupational pension scheme used by many employers to meet their auto-enrolment duties

State Pension triple lock


Published 19/06/2017

Looks at the triple lock used to uprate the State Pension and the arguments for and against

ESA and PIP reassessments


Published 19/06/2017

This Commons Library briefing paper looks at the rules on reassessment of existing Employment and Support Allowance and Personal Independence Payment claimants. From late 2017, some ESA claimants with the most severe conditions will not have to face reassessment. All PIP claimants will however continue to be reassessed periodically.

Local Housing Allowance and the social rented sector


Published 16/06/2017

This Commons Library briefing paper explains the Government's intention to apply Local Housing Allowance rates to tenants in receipt of Housing Benefit in the social rented sector. Implementation has been delayed until April 2019. Legislation to implement this measure has not been introduced yet.

Section 75 employer debt and multi-employer pension schemes


Published 16/06/2017

Looks at the application of the "section 75 employer debt provisions" to multi-employer pension schemes

State Pensions 2017: FAQs for MPs


Published 16/06/2017

This briefing paper looks at some of the FAQs constituents raise with their MPs about pensions.

Key issues in fostering: capacity, working conditions, and fostering agencies


Published 16/06/2017

This House of Commons Library briefing paper looks at key issues in fostering, including general statistical information, the capacity of the foster care system, working conditions for foster carers and the relationships between fostering providers. It draws upon evidence taken by the Education Select Committee’s inquiry into fostering.

UK aid: frequently asked questions


Published 16/06/2017

What is aid? What is the UN 0.7% aid target and why has the UK adopted it? Which government departments spend UK aid? What impact does UK aid have? What will be the impact of Brexit on UK aid? These and other questions are answered in an accessible way in this briefing paper.