Acid attacks


Published 27/07/2017

In response to concerns about increasing number of acid attacks, this briefing looks at controls on the sale of acid and at relevant criminal offences.

What is the Council of Europe?


Published 27/07/2017

This Commons Library briefing gives a short introduction to the 47-member Council of Europe, which is a human rights and democracy organisation, entirely separate from the EU. Its best-known products are the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights that oversees how the Convention is implemented.

Turnout at elections


Published 27/07/2017

This note looks at turnout in a variety of UK elections. It provides a range of statistics on turnout at both national and local elections as well as the devolved administrations and European Parliament elections. Where possible comparisons to other countries are made.

Rail structures, ownership and reform


Published 27/07/2017

This paper explains the various ways railways are structured around the world and sets out how rail structures in Great Britain have developed to date and prospects for the future.

Brexit and data protection


Published 27/07/2017

This Library Briefing Paper looks at data protection and what might happen after Brexit.

Prison Overcrowding


Published 26/07/2017

This Lords Library briefing has been written ahead of a debate in the House of Lords on 7 September 2017 on overcrowding in prisons.

Banning letting agency fees in England


Published 26/07/2017

This Commons Library briefing paper outlines the current law and responses to the Government's proposal to ban letting agent fees in England. The paper includes information on current practice in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. On 6th September 2017, there will be a Westminster Hall debate between 9 - 11am on the proposed ban on letting agency fees in England. This debate has been sponsored by Kevin Hollinrake MP.

Components of GDP: Key Economic Indicators


Published 26/07/2017

Components of GDP: data on the components that make up GDP, including household consumption, government spending, investment, trade and output by sector.

Local Growth Deals


Published 26/07/2017

This note looks at the creation of the Single Local Growth Fund and the process of allocating Growth Deal funding to Local Enterprise Partnerships.

Disputes over the British Indian Ocean Territory: July 2017 update


Published 26/07/2017

This briefing describes the main developments since mid-2013 in long-running disputes over the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT). In November 2016 the previous UK Government decided not to allow Chagossian resettlement. The status of the Marine Protected Area is contested. The UK and Mauritius have been holding talks on sovereignty. In June 2017, the UN General Assembly voted to ask the International Court of Justice to give an advisory opinion on the issue. The US military base on Diego Garcia is set to continue until 2036. Meanwhile, there continues to be litigation in the English courts.