Petrol and diesel prices


Published 17/11/2017

This note looks at trends in the price of petrol and diesel at the pump and before tax, possible reasons for the gap in prices between the two fuels and compares prices and taxes in different countries.

Green Belt


Published 17/11/2017

This briefing from the House of Commons library examines some of the controversy about the Green Belt in England and how policy towards the Green Belt might change.

Inflation: International: Key Economic Indicators


Published 17/11/2017

Inflation: International: Harmonised Index of Comsumer Prices data on international inflation rates.

Financial Indicators: Key Economic Indicators


Published 17/11/2017

Financial Indicators: Data from FTSE100, as well as oil prices and gold prices.

FAQs: Academies and free schools


Published 17/11/2017

This briefing paper answers FAQs about academies and free schools in England. Topics covered include: academy conversion; school places; special educational needs provision; academy land disposal and sale; funding; and accountability.

Brexit: a reading list of post-EU Referendum publications by Parliament and the Devolved Assemblies


Published 17/11/2017

This reading list brings together briefings on Brexit by the Parliamentary libraries and the Devolved Assembly research services with reports by Parliamentary and Devolved Assembly committees following the result of the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016.

E-petitions 170931 and 200239 relating to the TV Licence fee


Published 17/11/2017

A Westminster Hall debate on E-petitions 170931 and 200239, both relating to the TV Licence fee, is scheduled for Monday 20 November 2017. The Member leading the debate is Helen Jones MP, Chair of the Petitions Committee.

Pension integration (or 'clawback')


Published 17/11/2017

Looks at rules under which some occupational pensions have historically been adjusted to take account of the State Pension introduced in the late 1940s

UK amphibious capability in the 21st century


Published 17/11/2017

A debate on the ‘UK amphibious capability in the 21st Century’ has been scheduled for Tuesday 21 November 2017 in Westminster Hall at 9.30am. The debate has been initiated by Ruth Smeeth MP.

Size and Capability of the UK’s Armed Forces for Contributing to Global Peace, Stability and Security


Published 17/11/2017

This House of Lords Library briefing has been prepared in advance of the debate scheduled to take place in the House of Lords on 23 November 2017 on the case for maintaining United Kingdom defence forces at a sufficient level to contribute to global peace, stability and security.