Occupational pension increases


Published 25/09/2017

Looks at the requirements on private sector Defined Benefit occupational pension schemes to index and revalue pension benefits and recent debates - including the British Steel Pension Scheme and the 2017 Defined Benefit Pension Scheme Green Paper

Pension Wise: the guidance guarantee


Published 25/09/2017

Looks at Pension Wise - the guidance service for people aged 50 and over with defined contribution pension savings

Local Government Pension Scheme investments


Published 25/09/2017

Looks at the recent debate on Government changes to regulations and guidance for Local Government Pension Scheme investments: including proposals to increase pooling of investments to reduce costs; and guidance that investment policies should not “be used to give effect to municipal foreign or munitions policies that run contrary to Government policy."

Brexit: devolved legislature business


Published 25/09/2017

This paper is a record of Brexit-related business in the devolved legislatures. It is updated every Monday.

The UK's contribution to the EU budget


Published 25/09/2017

This note considers how much the UK contributes to the EU budget and how much it receives back. Potential payments to the EU on or after Brexit - such as the exit bill - are also discussed.

Brexit: the exit bill


Published 25/09/2017

When the UK leaves the EU it is expected to make a contribution towards the EU’s outstanding financial commitments. The media have labelled this as an ‘exit bill’ or ‘divorce bill’, the EU see it as a matter of ‘settling the accounts’. The issue will be discussed in the first phase of Brexit negotiations, under the title of the ‘single financial settlement’ (the settlement).

Brexit: a reading list of post-EU Referendum publications by Parliament and the Devolved Assemblies


Published 22/09/2017

This reading list brings together briefings on Brexit by the Parliamentary libraries and the Devolved Assembly research services with reports by Parliamentary and Devolved Assembly committees following the result of the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016.

Media ownership: the 21st Century Fox/Sky merger


Published 22/09/2017

This Library briefing paper looks at the proposed merger of 21st Century Fox and Sky plc.

General Election 2017: full results and analysis


Published 22/09/2017

This briefing paper contains detailed results and analysis of the 2017 General Election, held on 8th June. It provides election results by party & constituency, as well as analysis of voter trends, MP characteristics, and more.

Scotland: Public spending and revenue


Published 22/09/2017

Public spending and taxation in Scotland was a hotly debated issue in the run up to the Scottish independence referendum, and has remained so since. A range of statistics exist on the subject: here we look at what these say and how they are measured.