Employment - National: Key Economic Indicators


Published 19/07/2018

A summary of the latest data on employment in the UK.

Carer's Allowance


Published 19/07/2018

This Commons Library briefing looks at Carer's Allowance - a non-contributory, non-means-tested benefit paid to people who care full-time for someone who is severely disabled. It covers the background to the benefit and issues frequently raised by people claiming it, including the level of the benefit, its interaction with other benefits including the Retirement Pension, and the difficulties recipients face when seeking to combine their caring duties with paid work or studying. Reforms to Carer's Allowance have been discussed, but there have been no significant changes to the benefit in recent years, and Carer's Allowance will remain a separate benefit under the Universal Credit system. Responsibility for Carer's Allowance and related disability benefits is devolved to the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Government is committed to increasing Carer's Allowance to the level of Jobseeker's Allowance.

Unpaid Care


Published 19/07/2018

This POSTnote looks at the numbers of unpaid carers across the UK, and the amount and type of care provided. It examines the impacts of providing unpaid care on carers’ education, employment, finances, health and wellbeing, and personal and social relationships. The note reviews the different types of support available for carers and examines evidence on their effectiveness.

Antimicrobial Resistance and Immunisation


Published 19/07/2018

A POSTnote that describes the potential for immunisation as a strategy to tackle antimicrobial resistance, both globally and in the UK. It discusses public health priority areas, the role for existing vaccines and the development of new ones.

Strengthening the union


Published 19/07/2018

General debate on Strengthening the Union on 23 July 2018

Brexit Preparations and Negotiations


Published 18/07/2018

This House of Lords Library Briefing has been prepared in advance of the debate due to take place on 23 July 2018 in the House of Lords on the motion moved by Lord Callanan, Minister of State at the Department for Exiting the European Union, “that this House takes note of the preparations and negotiations connected with the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union”.

Independent Complaints and Grievance Policy


Published 18/07/2018

The House will debate the Independent Complaints and Grievance Policy Programme Team’s Delivery Report on 19 July. This briefing note reviews the report and the background to it.

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors


Published 18/07/2018

There is growing UK and international interest in using ‘small modular nuclear reactors’ (SMRs) to generate electricity, and the UK Government announced a number of measures to support SMR development in the 2018 Nuclear Sector Deal. Stakeholders suggest that, compared with conventional nuclear reactors, SMRs could offer cost savings to operators and consumers, more flexible energy production and a greater choice of potential sites. This note examines key aspects of SMR technology, their economics and regulation.

Perinatal mental illness


Published 18/07/2018

This House of Commons Library Debate Pack briefing has been prepared in advance of a debate entitled “Perinatal mental illness”. This will be led by Dr Paul Williams MP and Andrew Selous MP, and it will take place in Westminster Hall on Thursday 19th July at 1.30pm.

Troops in Afghanistan: July 2018 update


Published 18/07/2018

Approximately 650 UK armed forces personnel are deployed in Afghanistan in support of NATO's Resolute Support mission. This will rise to 1,100 by early 2019.